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Chèvres laitières et Volailles

An installation in dairy goats and poultry

Samuel and Myriam

Dairy goat and meat poultry producers in VEZINS (Maine et Loire)

We settled at the end of 2010 on a 49 ha farm and we thank Quatuor Transactions for the support provided throughout the project.

Samuel first had to set up in place of a partner in a GAEC and develop the production of dairy goats. Everything was ready and the chevrettes were ordered. Unfortunately, the company's historical partners have backed down. So we found ourselves without any installation project with a herd of goats to house quickly.

We then contacted Quatuor Transactions and the negotiator presented us with several farms corresponding to our research. In April 2009, Quatuor Transactions presented us with this beef operation and we immediately saw how we could adapt the existing buildings for our project.

We were in a hurry because we had to take delivery of the herd of goats very quickly and we then presented an offer to take over with a pension takeover of the goats on the farm. This proposal was accepted by the sellers and we therefore committed ourselves to a compromise.
Even if the release of financing has been delayed a little because of the Young Farmers' loans and the Zero Rate Loans, we were able to set up on the farm in October. We would have had difficulty meeting such short deadlines (less than 6 months between the 1st visit and the entrance to the premises) without the intervention of Quatuor Transactions.

We therefore had time to set up the buildings and build our milking parlour before the calving of the goats, which took place in February 2011.
We appreciated the personal investment and availability of Quatuor Transactions. The team we worked with took the time to listen to us, was always available and provided us with the answers we needed throughout the transmission phase.
And even beyond that because Quatuor Transactions accepted our request to participate in the FESTI-Elevage du Maine et Loire, which took place on September 3 and 4, 2011.
We also maintained excellent relations with the salespeople, which allowed us to integrate more quickly into the town.