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Find the right farm

Your Quatuor expert offers you only goods that are appropriate to your project and adapted to your financial capacity.


Our geographic presence in a third of France, combined with the skills of our negotiators, allows us to offer you a wide range of farms of all productions to be acquired in all geographical areas and for all budgets.


A crucial step in a transmission process, each visit is already the culmination of an in-depth work to bring the property into alignment with your project.

With his detailed knowledge of your project and the objectives of the salesman, your Quatuor expert will know how to be relevant to the various remarks and remove any objections, to multiply the chances of quickly achieving the sale.


Mandate, simple or exclusive

The mandate is a contract between us and the seller that lays the foundation for a relationship of trust. Mandate simple or exclusive, it defines the contours of our support and the terms of the sale.

The exclusive mandate is an additional guarantee of maximum investment from both the Quartet expert and the seller for successful sales.

At Quatuor, 75% of sales are made under exclusive mandate.

The price, complex and determining stage.

After a first audit of each property, we define with the seller the selling price, taking into account the valuation of assets, economic valuation and the market.

Our knowledge of sales already made, as well as other goods on sale on the local market also allows us to refine the price initially desired.

We are demanding about the goods we offer for sale, and the qualification of potential buyers, and thus prefer the most relevant projects, because we are paid only if the sale is completed.

Our mission: to accompany you at every step of the transaction

From the negotiation to the final signature


Quatuor accompanies the negotiations between sellers and buyers for 15 years, with multiple economic, legal and human scenarios, sometimes complex.

Your expert has a perfect knowledge of the project. It can therefore anticipate everyone's arguments and act as a filter between the two parties in complete independence, thus avoiding any feelings that influence the negotiation. Our role here is to keep a cool head in order to conduct the fairest possible negotiation and bring the sale to fruition in the interest of all.


We bring great importance to the drafting of sales agreements. We ask for the payment of a deposit to each buyer, proof of the seriousness of his financial commitment.

And beyond intermediation, Quatuor accompanies you for the entire transaction. Our lawyers work with your usual advisors and all stakeholders (notaries, banks, accounting centers, surveyors, ...) to secure and finalize the sale:

  • Search and securing financing,
  • Drafting or supporting the drafting of sales contracts under conditions precedent,
  • Accompaniment in the lifting of the suspensive conditions, in particular near the third owners, verification notification SAFER, application for authorization of exploitation, ...
  • Drafting of private deeds: transfer of shares, transfer of shares, validation of notarial deeds.