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Our team and our offices

Quatuor Transactions now has a team of 23 people spread over 3 Agencies : Moréac (56), Carquefou (44) and Bordeaux (33).

These three offices have all the necessary skills for the realization of your project.


The Company's management



Eric Bernard

Eric has accompanied and advised farmers for more than 15 years in an accounting firm. Then he created Quatuor Transactions in 2004 with 3 partners. Recognized professional negotiator and passionate about the wine industry, he intervenes mainly in support of the negotiators on the vineyards of Bordeaux and Cognac.

Tugdual de Tremaudan
General manager

Tugdual, consultant in rural law , holds a Master's degree in land expertise from IHEDREA. After a first experience as a lawyer in an agricultural accounting center, Tugdual joined the team in 2010. Based in the Nantes's office, he brings his experience and skills to the entire team, particularly in legal matters in the follow-up of sale files.



The Assistants


Vanessa Malherbe
Legal assistant

Coming from the Paris region, Vanessa joined our team in 2006. Based at the head office of Moréac, she knows how to welcome customers and partners with warmth and availability. She intervenes mainly in support of the agricultural negotiators in the preparation of the files, the compromises and manages with brio the repertoires of the law Hoguet.

Dominique Dufort
Viticulture assistant

Joining our team in 2014 and present at the Bordeaux office, Dominique intervenes mainly in support of wine negotiators. His perfect command of English and Swiss is a valuable asset in the international vineyard of Bordeaux.




Laure Bruiant

An agricultural engineer by training, since 2009 Laure has been leading the relationship between buyers and negotiators. She is the first contact for buyers who contact us. After listening to them and questioning them, Laure guides the buyers to the properties corresponding to their criteria.

Candice Giraud
Agricultural assistant

Sales and marketing assistant, Candice joined the Carquefou agency in October 2017 at 8am. Passionate about photography and DTP software (Indesign, illustrator, lightroom and photoshop), she works on communication, including media creation, social networking and ad serving. Particularly attentive to the well-being of everyone, she makes every effort to keep our experts in shape all year long, paying attention to their diet and physical activity ....




Yvonne Droogh
Foreign buyers

Originally from the Netherlands, Yvonne settled as a farmer with her partner and children in France 20 years ago. Thanks to her experience, she knows the cultural and administrative obstacles of foreign buyers when they set up in France, which allows her to guide and support to guarantee their success.

Alexis Hervois

Alexis holds a BTS in Agronomy and Plant Production. Now at IHEDREA, he is doing his work-study in the Quatuor team since September 2021, supporting the sales and administrative teams.





Aurégane Jan
Jurist South West

Auregane holds a degree in rural law from IHEDREA. After a first experience in the field of insurance, she has a solid knowledge of the agricultural sector and its problems. She is mainly involved with negotiators in the Cognac and Bordeaux area for the drafting of sales agreements.

Louis Rebière
Jurist North West

Holder of a master's degree in agricultural law and agri-food sectors, Louis already has a solid experience and a very good knowledge of the agricultural sector. Useful experience as it works alongside negotiators in the drafting of sales contracts.



Agricultural negotiators


Jean-Michel Le Priol
Negotiator West Brittany

He joined the Moréac office in 2009, after more than 20 years of experience in advising farmers: dairy controller and then management consultant in an agricultural accounting center, he leads agricultural negotiations in Brittany. Its technical agricultural skills, its knowledge of economic sectors and livestock production make it the agricultural technical reference of the company.

Mickaël Jiquel
Negotiator East Brittany

Mickaël has been negotiating on the Brittany East region for more than 5 years. Coming from an agricultural background and after fifteen years in an agricultural accounting center as an accountant and environmental advisor, he is the environmental reference of the team. His experience and his agricultural and environmental technical skills bring him a very good knowledge of the field..


Dominique Danielo
Negotiator East Brittany

After his agricultural training, Dominique worked on a farm for 25 years. Strong of his experience, he became a teecher in a MFR' school before joining the Quatuor team in September 2021. He works in the East of Brittany.

Philippe Boscher
Negotiator Finistère

After more than 20 years with dairy groups, Philippe joined the team in 2021 to develop the business in Finistère. His commercial skills and his knowledge allowed to support in the agricultural transactions.


Nicolas Le Labourier
Negotiator Pays de la Loire

Nicolas already has a solid commercial experience in Pays de Loire. Sales manager of a subsidiary of Terrena, he has been working for several years alongside farmers and more recently with market gardeners. A knowledge that will allow him to develop the activity of transactions in specialized crops (market gardening, horticulture, arboriculture, ...) and also to the breeders and cereal producers of the Pays de Loire.

Sophie des Garets
Negotiator Pays de la Loire

Daughter of a winegrower and granddaughter of a farmer, Sophie has a BTS in Accounting and Management of Organizations, completed by a professional degree in "Marketing of products of the wine industry and agro distribution". Based in the Carquefou office, her knowledge of the environment and her commercial appetence allow her to accompany sellers and buyers in Vendée and Loire-Atlantique.


Murielle Simon
Negotiator Normandie

Coming from a family of farmers, Murielle graduated from IHEDREA after having completed two agricultural BTS. After an 18-month experience in the bank, she accompanied farmers for 18 years as a business consultant in a management, consulting and accounting center. Since returning to her native land of Normandy, Murielle now works as a negotiator in the region, since February 2021.

Didier Bucheron
Negotiator Poitou-Charentes

A long experience of banking, a link never broken with agriculuture, logically led Didier to make a shift in his professional career to accompany the ransmissions of farms in Indre et Loire and Poitou-Charentes. His knowledge of the sector and his agricultural skills that are no longer to prove him bring expertise and useful relevance to his clients.


Matthieu Courtes
Negotiator Midi-Pyrénées

He is able to rely on his skills as an agricultural engineer and on his experience as a management consultant to support our South West clients.

Ann-Carine Schaap
Negotiator foreign buyers

Daughter of Dutch farmers settled in France for more than 20 years, Ann-Carinne is the ideal rookie in the accompaniment of Belgian and Dutch buyers. Her perfect command of English and German also opens up new horizons that she will not fail to grasp.



Vineyard negotiators


Paul Hosteing
Negotiator Vignoble de Cognac

Agricultural engineer, from a large family of wine growers in the Cognac region, Paul worked for a few years in a distillery (production and marketing), an experience that brings him today a real expertise in his profession. Since 2008, he has been successfully assisting sellers and buyers on this vineyard, which he is passionate about. His excellent knowledge of the actors, his great confidentiality make him a recognized professional in the transaction of wine properties on Cognac.

Véronique Laveix-Mazières
Negotiator Vignoble du Bordelais

After a legal training in real estate and 22 years of experience in the transaction of wine properties and amenities, Véronique has enriched her experience by creating, managing and developing a winery and a trading structure. With her experience and skills, she joined Quatuor Vignobles to consolidate the team in Bordeaux. By her dynamisms, her listening and her professionalism, Véronique will accompany you in the realization of your projects.


Alain Paineau
Negotiator Val de Loire

Agri engineer and holder of the ESA Angers vintage Master, Alain is the ideal negotiator for the Val de Loire vineyard. After an experience in management consulting with wine growers in Bordeaux, he returned to settle in Saumur and joined the team in 2012 during the strengthening of Quatuor Vignobles within the network Vinea Transactions.