Quatuor Transactions : Who are we ?

Quatuor is more than just a real estate firm. It is a team of experts from the agricultural world who perfectly understands your daily life, your challenges, your desires. Fully aware of your challenges, our role goes beyond the simple transaction: we support you in a life project, and we are proud to help you make it happen.


Much more than a real estate agency selling farms, we are agricultural experts specializing in business transactions.

Quatuor is a firm specialized exclusively in the transmission of farms and winegrowing. We control all stages of your project, the issues related to this type of transaction, the different actors involved, regulations, ...

The Quatuor team is about twenty experts from the farming community who know the least of it.

We speak the same language as our customers, we know how to ask the right questions, anticipate difficulties, identify opportunities: this ability to fully understand each issue allows us to effectively support our customers, whatever their activity or type of operation.

And because they all live in their area of ​​intervention, Quatuor experts know their market, the networks, sales in progress or realized, and especially the stories of men and women who have shaped the local terroir.

Market leader with more than 450 properties, more than 25,000 ha and more than 300 million euros transmitted since 2005.

We are experts, more than negotiators, because we support our clients throughout their project, and because we provide them with expertise that goes far beyond simple intermediation.



Like you, we maintain a strong and authentic connection to the land and our territory. We love and know the farming world that cares for its soil, shapes the landscape, shares strong values ​​and adapts to its environment to build the agriculture of tomorrow.


We effectively accompany our customers in their adventure because we cultivate ourselves a spirit of sharing, solidarity and conviviality, attentive listening that allows us to understand without judging and to rejoice together achievements, while being present in the moments more difficult.


We are convinced that loyalty and caring honesty are the keys to beautiful relationships: with our customers, our partners, between us. We exercise our profession in full transparency, without misrepresentation. And to be loyal is also to guarantee perfect objectivity: our mission is to make each project succeed in the best interest of all, without bias.


Have a clear vision that guides our actions, a strong motivation to concretize each project and the necessary tenacity to advance and rebound. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that we also share with our customers. And like them, we are convinced that "only we go faster, but together we go further", and that only mutual trust and complementarity of skills make the projects a success.


As real estate agents affiliated with the FNAIM, we provide all legal and financial guarantees to secure the transaction. We have a prefectural map No. 5602 2016 000 004 issued by the Morbihan CCI.

Our membership of GALIAN Assurances allows us to have a financial guarantee fund of € 2,200,000 and professional liability insurance, thus securing the best possible completion of transactions.

We always work on the basis of a relationship of trust within the framework of a written mandate and in full respect of the regulations and the code of ethics and deontology of the FNAIM.