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EXCEPTIONNAL. Situated in southern Finistère, this farm comprises 200 hectares including 110 ha accessible from the buildings. It is organized around 3 complementary productions that generate a good profitability. The pig installations are recent...

Reference : : 17239

Dans la vallée de la Loire, dans une zone réputée pour le qualité de ses sols adaptés aux cultures spécialisées, vous avez la possibilité d'acquérir ce site composé de 18,75 hectares de foncier agricole jouxtant un bâtiment de très belle facture...

Reference : : 18031

EXCLUSIVE. In northern Deux-Sèvres, this farm has got nice and large parcels very grouped and only separated by rural tracks. The good agronomic potential allowes to produce cereal crops with irrigation or it is possible to breed animals because...

Reference : : 17264

For sale a farm specialized in crops on 90 hectares grouped. The production of various crops such as cereals or vegetables is done with the possibility to irrigate around 60 hectares. There is a storage of water filled from a drilling. There are...

Reference : : 17226

For sale in Poitou-Charentes a nice vegetable farm producing high sales volumes. Contracts for the vegetables, good profitability for several years. Irrigation. FOR SALE : 7.29 hectares of land, greenhouses, packaging building and shed, equipment....

Reference : : 17116

EXCLUSIVE. Situated in southern Trégor, this isolated site is producing cereales and pigs. The land is grouped in a scope of 1km around the buildings. The currently pig production (farrowing and fattening), is authorized for 1150 animals. FOR SALE :...

Reference : : 17110

Situated in the heart of Pays d'Ouche area, on an isolated site, this tillage farm is organized around grouped plots. The entire equipment, complete and very well maintained, is sheltered in the 2 sheds of the farm. A third building is allowing the...

Reference : : 17023

This farm, with more thant 100 hectares of crops irrigated, is made of 2 plots distant from 4km. The first block includes 40 hectares with a pumping station in the river and a shed of nearly 160 sqm. The second block of 65 hectares comprises its own...

Reference : : 17084

Situated in the heart of the production area of the "porc noir de Bigorre" protected designation of origin, this farm has 140 hectares of agricultural land around. The pig production with 1000 fattening places, a nursery and buildings for the...

Reference : : 17079

EXCLUSIVE. 280 hectares with 2 nice blocks of 125ha each are allowing the production of crops and 1 million litres of milk. 80% of the surface is accessible for grazing. Irrigation, permitted by a pumping right in the river and a pond of nearly 1...

Reference : : 16089

Le domaine agricole, d'un seul tenant sur plus de 160ha, comprend 60ha de terres cultivées, et 100ha de bois-terres-landes. Aujourd'hui, l'exploitation est entièrement destinée à l'activité d'élevage extensif avec 80 vaches allaitantes. Cependant,...

Reference : : 17036

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. For sale, a farm specialised in crops on 90 hectares. The potato production, realized on 15ha, is complemented by a trading activity. The buildings, with a surface of around 1,700 sqm, provide space for the facilities...

Reference : : 16064

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. EXCLUSIVE. Tillage farm for sale on 140 hectares drained and irrigable. The farmhouse is comprising 380 sqm of liveable space consisting in a main part and a new part including guest quarters with 2 bedrooms, a spa, a...

Reference : : 16183

VENDU PAR QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. Exploitation d'un seul tenant d'environ 40 hectares pouvant recevoir tout type de culture avec possibilité d'irriguer. Consolidation de l'installation d'un jeune agriculteur.

Reference : : 15154

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. For sale a property of 100 hectares of irrigated land (90ha), drained for a part, grouped in 3 plots around the farm. The ground is easy to work, with a good potential, and can receive evry king of crops (soybean,...

Reference : : 15129

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. RARE. For sale a rural property very grouped of 267 hectares, including 238 hectares for tillage, a pond of 7ha, woods and thickets. The farm is made of very large plots and is nearly in one piece. The land is irrigated...

Reference : : 870

VENDU PAR QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. Installation d'un jeune agriculteur sur une exploite de 150 hectares irrigables dont 63 hectares à la vente et 87 hectares en faire valoir indirect.

Reference : : 15071

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. EXCLUSIVE. Around TRUN, for sale, a mixed farm on 177 hectares including 125 hectares of arable land. There is a beef production with 100 young bulls per year and 30 suckler cows. This property is equipped with...

Reference : : 15091

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. For sale a tillage farm on 107 hectares with nice plots. The land is very grouped and is irrigated, it is with a rental agreement. It is easy to plough and has a high potential. On the site there is a shed to store...

Reference : : 15073

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. For sale a farm with 130 hectares of crops. The good quality ploughland is grouped around the buildings. FOR SALE : 130 hectares, buildings, equipment and stocks.

Reference : : 15008

SOLD BY QUATUOR TRANSACTIONS. Property with 2 dwellings : a stone farmhouse single storey with 6 rooms and a castle with 240sqm of liveable space with a vaulted basment built in local white stone. The buildings are in the heart of 83 hectares of...

Reference : : 14193

SOLD BY QUATUOR. Cereal property of 75 ha of lands partially plantables and 3 ha of vines. For sale : land, house, exploitation material. Profitability with specific outlets. Transfer of shares.

Reference : : 14153

SOLD BY QUATUOR. Vienne, for sale a tillage farm with land grouped in an area of 2km. FOR SALE : 82 hectares of land, fonds rural and single payment entitlements.

Reference : : 14016

SOLD BY QUATUOR. Installation d'un jeune agriculteur dans le nord-ouest du Gers

Reference : : 14114

SOLD BY QUATUOR. In the Vienne Valley, for sale a tillage and beef farm on 230 ha of AUA, including 125ha of crops. The property offers large buildings for the animals in good order and a complete equipment well maintained. There is a dwelling house...

Reference : : 13068
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